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FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

1) What is the procedure after order is placed?

After the payment is confirmed, you will receive the domain(s) to your email in a spreadsheet format where you will get a full overview of the best links which the domains have. Along with that you will have an option to download full reports from Majestic and Ahrefs report using a direct link.

2) Are these Aged or Dropped/Deleted domains?

These are Dropped/Deleted domains. Failed startups/blog sites/former companies which shut down etc – The owners of these domains abandoned them years ago but they retain one thing – their amazing backlinks.

3) Why don’t these domain have PR?

These are very old domains which were probably dropped 4 to 5 years back. Since they were abandoned for so long, Google stopped indexing them hence no PR but since we picked them and they are indexed now, there is a good chance that these domains will see some some PR gain in next update because of their amazing links from big sites. Anyways if I were you, I wouldn’t bother about PR.

4) Do you offer bulk discount?

Yes, PM us with more details if you would like to buy more than 10 domains. We offer good bulk discounts for that.

5) Do I have to register the domains myself?

No you don’t have to do that. After you make the payment for the domain, the domain will be directly pushed into your Godaddy Account. We would need your Godaddy Customer ID and email for that. We have chosen Godaddy as our registrar because the domains are easy to manage while pushing and transferring out.

6) I am new to PBN creation. How many domains do I need in my network?

Its depends on the difficulty level of your keyword and a number of factors so its tough to come up with a number but we have seen very good results with 10-15 domains for easy keywords, 25-30 for medium keywords and ~50-75 for hard keywords. This is assuming no previous link building has taken place for the money site.

7) Is there any ranking guarantee if I use these domains in my network?

This is a domain selling service and not a SEO service so like service providers I won’t tell you that you will definitely achieve high rankings using these domains. It all depends on how well you use these domains in your network, how well you maintain your network, how well you choose your anchors, how many footprints you leave (please don’t use SEO Hosting) etc. These domains are just one one part of an equation.

8) Will you provide hosting and help me in setting up the network?

No, you will need to manage the hostings yourself but we will give you a basic overview if you are new to this and you can always ask us if you encounter any problems.

9) Are these domains suitable for PBN only? What about setting up a site on it?

Ofcourse! you can setup a site on it. It will act as great foundation to your site due to its existing strong backlinks. You can also 301 redirect the domain to your money site if you want and it should give some nice juice to your money site.

10) Refund policy

If the order isn’t completed within 7 days, you will receive a full refund.

11) Do you provide samples before ordering?

Yes sure, post a request in thread and I will send you few samples so you can have a look at them.

Why is Trust Flow Low?

The links are coming from the inner pages of these authority sites NOT from the home pages. Now, an inner page of Engadget or Techcrunch will have a TF of probably 10 to 15. Now if you have around 30 links from such sites from Inner Pages, your TF obviously won’t be more than the TF of those pages. You will see a high TF on a domain(20+ TF)  only when it has Homepage links because normally homepage has a high TF.

In other words, don’t worry about TF much. Just see the type of backlinks. People die to get links from such sites and they don’t even mind paying $$$$ for the same.

Why is DA Low?

Moz crawlers are lazy as shit. They don’t crawl all the links and I am not sure why. I even contacted them once asking the reason and they said this

“Domain Authority is an amalgam of several different metrics and presents a general impression of the site according to those factors. While it may have several good links, it may also have other less favorable links, or have any number of other factors affecting it’s score. Obviously Domain Authority represents moz’s vision of the page and is generally reliable however as it is an algorithmically generated value it may be skewed in this particular case.

In terms of what may or may not have been crawled and what links we might be looking at, here’s how we compile our index:

– We grab the most recent index.

– We take the top 10 billion URLs with the highest MozRank (with a fixed limit on some of the larger domains).

– We start crawling from the top down until we’ve crawled 90,000,000,000 pages (which is about 35% the amount in Google’s index).

Further we update our Mozscape Index every 4 weeks so if those links are very recent we might not have seen them yet.”

Get it? Don’t rely on metrics alone. If you are into PBN business then you very well know that its the back link profile that matters not some fancy metrics.

Yes Metrics can be fine to weed out the bad domains(Which I normally consider) but you can’t make them a Deal Breaker!